Cheap Digitizing

The most versatile vectorizing service for business.

Do you need to convert a raster logo into a robust vector format? Our professional vectorizing service can streamline the process and help you create high-quality, scalable icons quickly without sacrificing quality.


Vectorized artworks for your decoration method.

Whatever decoration method you choose, the vectorization process of an artwork is the first step. We have the experience to serve decorators of every sort.

Screen Printing

Develop your screens for printing and make the color registrations meet perfectly.


Creating artworks for Direct to Garment has its challenges. We overcome these challenges to deliver you composites and high-resolution PNGs.

Dye Sublimation

Spot color separations + CMYK composites for use with transfers and fabric printing.

Laser Cutting

Achieve smooth laser cuts using outline files.

Vinyl Cutting

Cut clean edges on your cutter.

Pad Printing

Provide ready-to-use artworks that work for your image plate supplier.

Convert from raster to vector.

We develop vector artworks with the features you require to start processing your decoration.

Vectorizing for businesses


Create well-registered halftone products.

Color Separations

Use color separations for various use cases.


Ready to print composites for use with DTG and others.


Clean outlines for use with laser engravers/cutters.

Underlay &

Flooded overlays or underlays for that require it.


Transparent background images to print with DTG.

Color format

Color systems we provide in our vectorization service.




File formats

Vectorizing service that supports file formats for your software.

Software formats

Universal formats

Things we care about while vectorizing artworks.

We create vectorized files for client, keeping in mind for its end use.

Named Layers by Color

The designs we make are organized, keeping every layer to a group by color or object reference. Making it easier for future editing.

No Auto-Tracing

Auto-tracing is not for us, and we never use it. All the designs are made manually from scratch to ensure the end imprint product’s quality.


The most common problem for any decorator is spelling mistakes, and it can cause devastating losses. We have set up our QA system to ensure it gets caught in the process, and you get peace of mind from our end.

Sharp Edges

All edges in designs we make are checked thoroughly for any uneven edges that might cause trouble.

How much does it cost?

We have built our pricing model to fit every business type and size. 

The pricing is bases on complexity of the artwork.


Simple texts, logos
& shapes
$ 6-15 per Design


Complex logos and Simple Illustrations
$ 16-35 per Design


Complex Illustrations
& Graphics
$ 36-60 per Design


Everything else not covered in other pricing
$ 61+ per Design


We have compiled a few questions related to embroidery digitizing. To help you find your answers.

We will welcome you on board with a set of test files. So you can experience and give feedback. It will help us gain insights beforehand about the quality standards you are expecting from us.

Yes, we do offer a trial order for you to see our turnaround, digitizing quality, and experience the journey of working with us.

No, we don’t charge anything in advance. We will do the digitizing process and send a preview to you. Then you can make your payment and download your files.

No, you do not need any software for ordering or downloading. But if you wish to edit or view your embroidery design you may need one. It’s entirely up to you what software you choose.

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